ONE Coming!

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We all want to make a difference!  - ONE DAY in November you can!

WHAT is One Day?
Between now and Thanksgiving Sunday we are encouraging as many people as possible to give the amount you earn in ONE DAY on your job towards feeding the hungry around the world.
On November 18th we will bring our contributions together and send it to the *Convoy of Hope. Convoy is our crisis relief ministry that feeds the orphans, widows and the poor across the globe.

WHEN is One Day?

Sunday November 18th Thanksgiving Sunday!

HOW do I participate in One Day?
Step 1.  Select a day you will dedicate to work to feed the hungry
Step 2.  Sign up to participate in our ONE DAY outreach in the church foyer
Step 3.  Begin wearing your ONE DAY wristband as a reminder and tell others
Step 4. Bring your contribution to Grace  on November 18th

On Thanksgiving Day when you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, remember to pray for those who will be feed as a result of our ONE DAY Outreach!

Your participation in this special outreach project is gauranteed to make an amazing difference in the life of another person!

Will you accept the challenge to give ONE DAY?