SEPTEMBER 9th – 11th
Pastors & congregations strengthened, connected, and empowered to transform communities.

This is the season of UNLEASHING.

There is a tension in the Earth. Our nation is crying out for real change. The hour demands more of all of us. We can’t go back to what was our norm pre-Covid, There is a demand to release the Body of Christ into their purpose and personal mission to make disciples.

What is God unleashing right now in your ministry? Whatever that is the National Black Fellowship wants to be with you! We have been on a journey through our WI+H initiative and many partnerships guiding faith leaders to go beyond the metrics of success within the 4-walls of the church and make real connections in their neighborhoods.

God’s heart is that we model who Christ is in the marginalized communities that may never step foot into our churches. In order to do this God must UNLEASH a creativity within us to go beyond what we have experienced in the past. He must also UNLEASH a compassion within us to address darkness in our cities. We have to go beyond the metrics of success which were giving and volunteerism and make real connections with those that are hurting.

This hour is demanding more of all of us.

Join us at UNLEASHED as we strengthen, empower and activate you to expand God’s Kingdom and influence in your region!

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