Grace Groups

If you’ve been craving a deeper connection between the truth of God’s Word and your daily life, Grace Groups are for you.


Grace Groups gather every other week. Currently we have two groups meeting. One group meets every other on Sunday evening at 5:30pm and another meets every other Thursday evening at 6:30pm

A Grace Group is a small community of believers that gathers in the comfort of a home environment to share life together and apply the Scriptures to real life. There is time for sharing, worship and prayer at each gathering. Forming friendships and a sense of connection with people who a genuinely care about you are just a couple of the benefits that result from participating in a Grace Group.

It is in this atmosphere of genuine care and acceptance that the door for you to experience God’s grace on a brand new level opens up to you. Connecting with others in honest relationship is an important part of allowing God’s grace to impact your everyday life. So..

Come be a part of the next  Grace Group and start experiencing the impact that God’s Grace can have in YOUR life.

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