Our Missionary Family

Though we cannot all go to the nations of the world personally, we can still participate in the mission of taking the gospel to the world. We are called to invest in prayer and finances. That’s why WE GIVE. We invest in the ministry of Missionaries all over the world who are carrying the message of God’s grace to every nation. This supports our vision for of investing in missions globally. Check out the missionaries who are an integral part of our Grace community.

Jamal & Gwen Alexander
US Missionary - Inner-City Church Planting

Jamal Alexander is an ordained minister with the General Council  of the Assemblies of God headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.  Jamal is assigned to the Division of US Missions Department of Church Planting.

Lauren Becker
Missionary to Thailand
Lauren is an Assemblies of God Missionary to Thailand. Her primary focus of ministry is on reaching university students in Chiang Mai. She is also involved in establishing an English learning center through a national church
Adam & Martha Boyd
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

The Boyds serve as Bible translators in Papua New Guinea, a country of six million people and over eight hundred spoken languages.

Robert & Cilinia Bueno
Missionaries to El Salvador LACC

The Buenos are involved with Latin America ChildCare (LACC), Teen Challenge, and the Assemblies of God University. These ministries are reaching out to needy people, giving them earthly and eternal hope. LACC has reached out to over 600,000 children in the last 40 years, Teen Challenge has had over 300 interns and the University has about 800 students.

Winston & Kimberly Bui
Missionaries Chi Alpha

The Bui’s serve  on the UCLA campus to bring a witness for Jesus Christ there. Chi Alpha seeks to  offer opportunities for worship, fellowship, discipleship and Gospel presentation on US college and university campuses.

Marius & Florintina Calugaru
Missionaries to US Romanians

Marius and Florentina are Intercultural U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States. The population of Romanian descent in the United States is estimated to be over 1 million and about 160,000 in California. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians.

Troy & Ginnette Doudy
Missionaries to Peru

Troy and Ginnette serve in Peru where they focus on planting an international church in Lima.  Their ministry is to establish churches, train leaders, and touch compassionately.

Mike and Dodey Files
Missionary to Latin America
The Files are Missionaries to Latin America. They serve as Regional Coordinator's for Latin America ChildCare. They oversee Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. They are LACC Country Coordinators in Chile as well.
JJ & Nelia Ferrell
Missionaries to Romania

JJ and Nelia focus their ministry on touching the youth and have established a ministry to the homeless and hurting of that country. Why are they are establishing Youth Ministry in Romania...Because 87% of the kids in Romania don't have a Youth Ministry in their local church.

Jerry & Gwen Gibson
Missionaries Chi Alpha
Keith and Diane Heermann
Global Universisty - ICI

The Heermann's have been serving with Global Universisty - ICI since 1994 in its evangelism, discipleship, and ministry training operations globally. Keith is the Director of Academic Relations and develops curriculum. Keith and Diane serve people around the world through the 235 national offices of Global University. They focus on Winning the Lost and Training the Found!  Cuba Bible College, Iran Bible College, and Vietnam Bible Training Network are three of their many outreaches. Diane serves as an Accounting Clerk.

Kirk & Yvonne Jones
Missionaries to Panama
The Jones' are engaged in ministry to children in Latin America - Panamá. They are at work to win children to Christ and train them to win others.
Dan Klepel
Missionary to Thailand

Dan Klepel's ministry focus is planting churches, training leaders, and helping to run a school for stateless, at risk children in Thailand.

Kurt & Stephanie Plagenhoef
Missionaries to Albania

The Plagenhoef's...

Steve & Becky Preston
Missionaries Highway Chapel

The Preston's...

David & Carol Schmidt
Missionaries to Cameroon

After serving as assistant pastor in two churches, and as senior pastor in Springville, California, David and Carol were appointed by the Assemblies of God to Central Africa in 1996.

Randy & Carol Tarr
Missionaries to Senegal

Randy and Becky Tarr serve as the Area Director for West Africa for Assemblies of God World Missions.   The Tarr’s have three son’s Luke, Nathan and Micah.  From their base in Dakar, Senegal they are helping to promote an outreach to unreached people groups in West Africa.  They also are involved with the Senegal Assemblies of God church in the area of preaching and teaching.

Bob & Karen Welch
Missionaries to Brussels

The Welchs teach at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, an institution that trains hundreds of international students from over 38 countries of the world, including China and Korea.  Bob and Karen have now been serving at CTS since Sep 2009.

Sensitive Location
Missionaries to Sensitive Area