All Dressed Up & Somewhere To Go


We’ve all had our share of bad hair days. Those times when no matter how you accessorize or adjust what you’re wearing, it’s just not working for you. Then there are those rare occasions when it all comes together. You finish getting dressed, look in the mirror and even you have to admit it – “I look good!” You step out into the world full of confidence and ready handle whatever comes your way. Sometimes those perfect dress days happen when you have nowhere special to go. Don’t you hate that? You’re all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Spiritually speaking that never happens to us followers of Christ. After Jesus conquered death and proved it with his resurrection, he gave his disciples a promise. The promise was that he would clothe every one of them with spiritual power when the Holy Spirit came upon them. (Luke 24:49) They had already been given the gospel message of repentance and forgiveness to preach. Their mission was clear – “carry that good news to all nations”. (Luke 24:46,47). After seeing their Lord alive with resurrection power they were motivated to start the task that Jesus was commanding them to complete.  However, before they launched out he told them to wait until they were empowered. It was just a short time later that they received the power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses for Jesus! They were clothed with the Holy Spirit’s power (Luke 24:46-49) and clearly had somewhere to go… into all the world!  There were empowered to go to every nation, to every person.

Christ instructs us as his followers today to be clothed with the power of his Holy Spirit. As we are EMPOWERED with his Spirit we can step out into the world with the same confidence of the first disciples. The confidence of knowing we are dressed for the occasion. We are clothed in his power to handle whatever comes our way as we become witness for Christ!

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