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The word “tithe” literally means a tenth (of our income, that is). In Malachi 3: 10 God basically says,“Go ahead. I dare you. See if you can out-give me.” Is God wise? Do you trust him? These are two fundamental questions behind the act of giving. If God is wise, then you should listen to what he says about financial stewardship. If you trust him, then you should trust him with all aspects of your life, including your finances. Accept God’s invitation to put him to the test. The Bible says that the purpose of tithing is to teach us always to put God first in our lives. (Deuteronomy 14: 23) Tithing is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything we have. It is also God’s personal invitation to an outpouring of his blessing in your life. So go ahead. Accept God’s invitation to put him to the test.  Start tithing faithfully and see what God does in and through your life. Watch the blessings pour out.

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“When it’s upside down, money controls people and can destroy lives.  It’s the #1 cause of divorce, a top level stress contributor and common cause of suicide.  However, when it is right side up, money is a tool of a generous life helping people grow closer to God and each other.”   It’s a reflection of your heart-Matthew 6: 19-20; It’s a privilege-2 Corinthians 8: 2-4; It’s faith in action-Acts 4: 32-35


As you give more generously, you more fully reflect God’s life in you, for God is a giver (James 1: 17).  You testify to His ownership of all that is yours to control (2 Corinthians 8: 1-5).  You reflect where your treasure is (Matthew 6: 19-21).  You show your complete trust in Him to supply for your needs (Philippians 4: 17-19).  You reap eternal benefits (I Timothy 6: 18-19).  And, most importantly, you bring Him glory (2 Corinthians 9: 13).

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